Thursday 19th October Erasure Poem B (Plumwood Mountain, 5:1, 2018)

2 poems (Matador Review, Fall 2017)

6 poems (Jacket 2, 2017)


non-hyphenated (ARTSPACE, March 2018)

Sunshine Sacrifices (Blue Oyster Art Project Space, 2017)


One-not-one (Adam Art Gallery, 2018)

It’s not a life (Takahē Essay Competition – “First prize” 2017)

We ask so much of them (Turbine | Kapohau, IIML, 2016)

This mud body (Enjoy Gallery, 2015)

Forest satyagraha (Enjoy Gallery, 2015)


Scout (New Zealand Flash Fiction – “Commended” 2017)

Four weeks (Queen Mob’s Teahouse, 2017)

Art & poetry reviews

toot floor by Campbell Patterson (Circuit, April 2018) (different from my one in Pantograph Punch – below)

A TransPacific Poetics edited by Lisa Samuels and Sawako Nakayasu (Jacket 2, 2018)

toot floor by Campbell Patterson (The Pantograph Punch, 2018) – scroll down, it’s the last one!

From Unincorporated Territory [lukao] by Craig Santos Perez (Rain Taxi, 2018)

A Pool is not the Ocean by Louisa Afoa (The Pantograph Punch, 2017) – scroll down, it’s the last one!

the merrier by Miranda Parkes (The Pantograph Punch, 2017) – scroll down, it’s the last one!

Ann Shelton’s Dark Matter (Art + Australia online, 2017)

One knowledge worker: A review of Martin Thompson’s ‘Eight Works’ (The Pantograph Punch, 2017)

The Heat of Ritual: A review of Kushana Bush’s ‘The Burning Hours’ (The Pantograph Punch, 2016)

Pressing Singularities: Tendai John Mutambu in conversation with Robyn Maree Pickens (A Year of Conscious Practice – The Physics Room & Blue Oyster Art Project Space, 2016)

From a deep burial pit: Abbra Kotlarczyk (North Projects, 2016)