Online publications only…


Two poems (Empty Mirror, 2020)

The time has come for you to lip sync (Cordite, 2020)

Our expanding consciousness (Into the Void, 2019)

2 poems (Peach Mag, 2019)

Falling into water (amberflora, 2019)

@Lesbian_animals (Cordite 88, 2018)

Thursday 19th October Erasure Poem B (Plumwood Mountain, 5:1, 2018)

2 poems (Matador Review, Fall 2017)

6 poems (Jacket 2, 2017)


Respect | the | rāhui (Te Tuhi, 2018-2019)

non-hyphenated (ARTSPACE, March 2018)

Sunshine Sacrifices (Blue Oyster Art Project Space, 2017)


Plants, love, and multispecies engagements: A conversation from Finland Robyn Maree Pickens and Essi Kausalainen (Contemporary HUM, 2020)

Life in the Interior — Sorawit Songsataya (Auckland Art Gallery brochure, 2019)

One-not-one (Adam Art Gallery, 2018)

It’s not a life (Takahē Essay Competition – “First prize” 2017)

We ask so much of them (Turbine | Kapohau, IIML, 2016)

This mud body (Enjoy Gallery, 2015)

Forest satyagraha (Enjoy Gallery, 2015)


Scout (New Zealand Flash Fiction – “Commended” 2017)

Four weeks (Queen Mob’s Teahouse, 2017)

Art & poetry reviews 

A long line of worshippers — essay/review of Fire-lit kettle (group exhibition) at Enjoy Gallery (2020)

Gretchen Albrecht: Between gesture and geometry by Luke Smythe (Landfall Review online, July 2019

Poetry Shelf classic poem: Robyn Maree Pickens picks Joanna Margaret Paul’s ‘For Felix’ (NZ Poetry Shelf, May 2019)

We are Recirculated Assemblages: Louise Menzies at Hocken Collections (The Pantograph Punch, April 2019)

Microcosms and ecosystems: the 2018-2019 Taipei Biennial (Art + Australia online, 2019)

Colours of a Life: The life and times of Douglas MacDiarmid by Anna Cahill (Landfall Review online, February 2019)

Performing Textiles by Kawita Vatanajyankur (ArtAsiaPacific online, 2018)

Performing Textiles by Kawita Vatanajyankur (The Pantograph Punch, 2018) – scroll down, it’s the last one!

toot floor by Campbell Patterson (Circuit, April 2018) (different from my one in Pantograph Punch – below)

A TransPacific Poetics edited by Lisa Samuels and Sawako Nakayasu (Jacket 2, 2018)

toot floor by Campbell Patterson (The Pantograph Punch, 2018) – scroll down, it’s the last one!

From Unincorporated Territory [lukao] by Craig Santos Perez (Rain Taxi, 2018)

A Pool is not the Ocean by Louisa Afoa (The Pantograph Punch, 2017) – scroll down, it’s the last one!

the merrier by Miranda Parkes (The Pantograph Punch, 2017) – scroll down, it’s the last one!

Ann Shelton’s Dark Matter (Art + Australia online, 2017)

One knowledge worker: A review of Martin Thompson’s ‘Eight Works’ (The Pantograph Punch, 2017)

The Heat of Ritual: A review of Kushana Bush’s ‘The Burning Hours’ (The Pantograph Punch, 2016)

Pressing Singularities: Tendai John Mutambu in conversation with Robyn Maree Pickens (A Year of Conscious Practice – The Physics Room & Blue Oyster Art Project Space, 2016)

From a deep burial pit: Abbra Kotlarczyk (North Projects, 2016)